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BOHR Flask Pod is Coming!

Message par Bohrvape » mer. 5 juin 2019, 10:20

What functions do you expect from the smart cigarette? How to pick pod kit which is best for you?

Since pod system kit access to vape market, there are many pod fans find its special advantages which is different from mod kit. Ultra small, lightweight, easy to operate, best for nicotine... Compare to mod kit or mech kit, pod kit is suitable for new borner and fanatics. But on the other hand, the precise control function of the mod kit is more intelligent for satisfying various vaping demands. Whether make intelligent and innovative into the pod kit in the future? I believe you guys have the same doubt.

After Hunter, Bohr will launch latest pod vape kit---Flask. Flask adopts SAGA player chip which is based on smartphone industry, more intelligent and stable. It can bring a easier and better way to find the best taste for you. With a high definition OLED screen, you can control the real-time output by simply press the adjustment button. With the precise control function, vaper will enjoy best flavor in real-time.

After repeated tests and improvements, Flask is stable and smart. We hope offer you higher grade and more innovative vaping experience.

Bohr Flask become a first intelligent pod vape kit in the true sense.


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