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200W Asolo Taste Control Box Mod

Message par Heaven Gifts » ven. 21 août 2015, 12:27

Recently the iJoy company launched a taste control mod called Asolo. It’s gonna be a revolutionary product, and now it is available at heavengifts.com which is one of the first authorized distributors. http://www.heavengifts.com/IJOY-Asolo-2 ... ttery.html

Main Features:
1. As a temperature control mod, Asolo works differently with any of existing VT mods. Not like other VT mods, setting a temperature into the mod and it will keep the temp steadily, Asolo actually accept a 'point' not a number of temperature. So when you are vaping with Asolo, and feel the taste of vapor is just fit your need, right at that moment, set it to the mod, and it will remember it. Then it will try to keep it steadily.
2. Based on Asolo’s design, it can support almost all the coil material in the market. Ti, Ni, Ni-Cr, Ti-Cr, Kanthal A1, etc. It’s the first and only one that can support Kanthal in the market so far.
3. And Asolo is able to detect that the tank is out of e-juice and alert the user with 0.3 sec. It will automatically stop working to avoid burn taste.
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