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Le SQuape

Message par [Modération] » mer. 27 nov. 2013, 21:46

Text of November 19th in English:

Dear Vaper-Community

We recognised, that our product SQuape has been copied and we are of course not amused about this case. The main disappiontment about this clone is to see how the manufacturer of the clone has stolen our design and name. We adjudge this boldness and also the distributer who ordered it from China 1 :1 and selling it on lowest price payed by poor conditions of employment.

In the last four days we were overwhelmed about the given support and backing comming from the community! Thank you all!
We can’t tell you a lot about the clone at the moment, but there are some doubtable points about the coating of the base and chimney. So far, there were no given proof by the manufacturer nor retailer, that the base and chimney are ematalised (ematal coated). As you know, this is the heart of the SQuape and because of that the SQuape is such easy and safe to handle. If the parts are not ematalised it could occur short circuits and health risk by using the clone.

In addition we kindly ask the community to keep cool – we try to keep calm too, although it is not easy for us. We will do our best to keep our feet on the ground and face this case as a matter-of-fact. Of course we consider legal action against the shop owners and manufacturers.

At beginning of December a new batch of the SQuape will be available at our partner shops – We drilled the holes of this SQuape bigger and because of this the draw will be more gentle. Although we have gotten a lot of great feedback about the current SQuape we are sure, that this easier airdraw will convince new customers about the quality of our original SQuape.

In this case:

Keep calm and keep on SQuaping

Sincerely your Team StattQualm


La contrefaçon

Merci à zanza pour les photos.
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